Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel (CATMAT): Statements and publications

The Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel (CATMAT) is an expert advisory body that assists PHAC with travel health-related advice for travellers and health care professionals.

The Committee was formed in February 1990 to:

  • provide recommendations relating to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and other health hazards that may be encountered by Canadian travellers outside of Canada;
  • suggest mechanisms for the widespread dissemination and utilization of such recommendations and other travel or tropical medicine-related health information; and
  • advise on priorities for epidemiological research and other activities related to travel or tropical medicine.
CATMAT Statements & Recommendations Table footnote *
Subject Title Date
Arthropod Bites Statement on Personal Protective Measures to Prevent Arthropod Bites - Update 2012
COVID-19 Statement on COVID-19 and International Travel 2022
Cruise Ship Travel Statement on Cruise Ship Travel 2005
Dengue Fever Statement on Dengue 2009
Ebola Disease Ebola disease prevention, monitoring and surveillance recommendations 2023
Evidence Based Process for developing Guidelines and Recommendations Evidence Based Process for Developing Travel and Tropical Medicine Related Guidelines and Recommendations 2017
Fever Fever in the Returning International Traveller 2011
Hepatitis Summary of the Recommendations for the Prevention of Viral Hepatitis during Travel 2014
High Altitude Illness Statement on High-Altitude Illnesses 2007
Immunocompromised Traveller The Immunocompromised Traveller 2007
International Adoption Statement on International Adoption 2010
Japanese Encephalitis Statement on Prevention of Japanese Encephalitis 2019
Jet Lag Travel Statement on Jet Lag (pdf only) 2003
Malaria Canadian Recommendations for the Prevention and Treatment of Malaria Among International Travellers no data
  • 2019
  • 2014
  • 2024
Meningococcal Disease Statement on Meningococcal Disease and the International Traveller 2015
Motion Sickness Statement on Motion Sickness (pdf only) 2003
Older Travellers Statement on Older Travellers 2011
Pediatrics Statement on Pediatric Travellers 2010
Polio Statement on Poliovirus and the International Traveller 2014
Pregnancy Statement on Pregnancy and Travel
  • 2010
  • 2014
Rabies Statement on Travellers and Rabies Vaccine (pdf only) 2002
Risk of Injury Statement on Risk of Injury and Travel 2010
Salmonella Newport Interim guidance on management of infections with a multidrug-resistant strain of Salmonella Newport 2023
Strongyloidiasis Statement on Disseminated Strongyloidiasis: Prevention, Assessment and Management Guidelines 2016
Travel Medicine Travel Medicine Resources for Canadian Practitioners 2015
Travel Medicine Guidelines for the Practice of Travel Medicine 2009
Travellers' Diarrhea Statement on Travellers' Diarrhea 2015
Travellers' Diarrhea Statement On Persistent Diarrhea in the Returned Traveller 2006
Tuberculosis Risk Assessment and Prevention of Tuberculosis among Travellers 2009
Typhoid Statement on International Travellers and Typhoid 2014
Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) Statement on International Travellers who Intend to Visit Friends and Relatives 2015
Yellow Fever Statement for Travellers and Yellow Fever 2013
Yellow Fever Interim Canadian recommendations for the use of fractional dose of yellow fever vaccine during a vaccine shortage 2017
Yellow Fever Statement on the Use of Booster Doses of Yellow Fever Vaccine 2018
Zika Virus Canadian Recommendations on the Prevention and Treatment of Zika Virus 2019
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