Promoting positive mental health

Promoting positive mental health in everyday life is beneficial for everyone. Learn about positive mental health and how you can help promote it.

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What is positive mental health?

Positive mental health includes:

When you have positive mental health, you are able to handle problems and challenges more easily. This is called resilience.

If you are resilient, you have:

What can affect mental health?

Your mental health can be improved with:

Your mental health can be weakened by:

How can you promote positive mental health in daily life?

You can promote positive mental health in your daily life and in the life of others by:

At all stages of life, you can build resilience and skills to help improve or maintain positive mental health. You can do this by participating in:

Why is promoting positive mental health important?

Promoting positive mental health as an everyday issue can:

Promoting positive mental health also:

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