Poster: Top 10 tick hiding spots on your body

Tick checks are one of the ways you can prevent Lyme disease and other infections spread by ticks. Check your entire body, especially:

  • head and hair
  • in and around the ears
  • under the arms
  • around the chest
  • back (use a mirror or ask for help)
  • waist
  • belly button
  • around the groin
  • legs and behind the knees
  • between the toes

Don't forget to also check your pets!

What to look for?

Feel for bumps and look for tiny dark spots. Look carefully, most ticks are very small!

  • Nymph (around 1.15 mm)
  • Adult male (around 2 mm)
  • Adult female (around 3 mm)
  • Fed adult female (up to 1 cm)

Found a tick? Remove it immediately to reduce the risk of infection.

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