CCDR: Volume 45-7/8 - Joint July-August Issue - July 4, 2019: Zoonotic diseases


Table of contents

Surveillance of Echinococcus tapeworm in coyotes and domestic dogs in Winnipeg, Manitoba
CCK Tse, J Bullard, R Rusk, D Douma, PJ Plourde

Human rabies postexposure prophylaxis and rabid terrestrial animals in Ontario, Canada: 2014–2016
D Middleton, L Friedman, S Johnson, S Buchan, B Warshawsky

Toxoplasma gondii: How an Amazonian parasite became an Inuit health issue
SJ Reiling, BR Dixon

Epidemiology of Clostridioides difficile infection in Canada: A six-year review to support vaccine decision-making
Y Xia, MC Tunis, C Frenette, K Katz, K Amaratunga, S Rhodenizer Rose, A House, C Quach

Implementation science
A public health enhanced surveillance system for a mass gathering event
C Huot, A Paradis, K Hammond-Collins, MA Bélair, J Villeneuve, N Brousseau, I Goupil-Sormany, J Riffon

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