CCDR: Volume 48-10, October 2022: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Public Health


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Vaccination of children in marginalized neighbourhoods: Equity and diversity challenges with COVID-19 vaccination campaigns
C Rousseau, C Quach, È Dubé, A Vanier-Clément, T Santavicca, L Monnais-Rousselots

Summary of an environmental scan of HIV and Hepatitis C programs, projects and initiatives in Saskatchewan
M Cheekireddy, C Madampage, C Hammond, L Chelico, A King

Survey Report
A cross-sectional investigation of HIV prevalence and risk factors among African, Caribbean and Black people in Ontario: The A/C Study
L Mbuagbaw, W Husbands, S Baidoobonso, D Lawson, M Aden, J Etowa, LR Nelson, W Tharao

Implementation Science
Effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission in Canada and their association with COVID-19 hospitalization rates
EE Rees, BP Avery, H Carabin, CA Carson, D Champredon, S de Montigny, B Dougherty, BR Nasri, NH Ogden

Modelling COVID-19 transmission using IDSIM, an epidemiological-modelling desktop app with multi-level immunization capabilities
E Nichita, M-A Pietrusiak, F Xie, P Schwanke, A Pandya

Demographic patterns of exposure and transmission for a rural Canadian community outbreak of COVID-19, 2020
K Patterson, M Chalifoux, R Gad, S Leblanc, P Paulsen, L Boudreau, T Mazerolle, M Pâquet

National Influenza Annual Report, Canada, 2021–2022: A brief, late influenza epidemic
S Buckrell, M Ben Moussa, T Bui, A Rahal, K Schmidt, L Lee, N Bastien, C Bancej

Surveillance of laboratory exposures to human pathogens and toxins, Canada, 2021
ER Thompson, M El Jaouhari, N Eltayeb, C Abalos, M Striha, R Edjoc, C Ayoo, S Bonti-Ankomah

Letter to the Editor
Circular logic and flawed modelling compromises non-pharmaceutical intervention article’s conclusions
J Grant, M Fulford, R Schabas
Response from the Editor-in-Chief
M Deilgat

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