CCDR: Volume 48-4, April 2022: First Nations Health


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Supporting health equity for First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples
M Greenwood, D Atkinson, J Sutherland

Canadian blood suppliers: An expanding role in public health surveillance?
SF O’Brien, SJ Drews, A Lewin, C Osiowy, MA Drebot, C Renaud

The need for linked genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2
C Colijn, DJD Earn, J Dushoff, NH Ogden, M Li, N Knox, G Van Domselaar, K Franklin, G Jolly, SP Otto

Multijurisdictional outbreak of COVID-19 associated with a wake/funeral event in a northern Saskatchewan First Nations community
N Ndubuka, S Gupta, R Zayed, B Quinn, M Khaketla, E Chan, K Franklin, E McGill

Summary findings from Tracks Surveys implemented by First Nations in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, 2018–2020
K Lydon-Hassen, L Jonah, L Mayotte, A Hrabowy, B Graham, B Missens, A Nelson, M Andkhoie, D Nahachewsky, DT Yalamanchili, S Gupta, N Ndubuka, I Khan, W Yacoub, M Bryson, D Paquette

Antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infection across a national primary care network in 2019
S Wong, S Rajapakshe, D Barber, A Patey, W Levinson, R Morkem, G Hurwitz, K Wintermute, JA Leis

Epidemiologic Study
Impact of the first vaccine dose on COVID-19 and its complications in long-term care facilities and private residences for seniors in Québec, Canada
É Fortin, P De Wals, D Talbot, M Ouakki, G Deceuninck, C Sauvageau, R Gilca, M Kiely, G De Serres

Regional differences in access to direct-acting antiviral treatments for hepatitis C across Ontario: A cross-sectional study
N Konstantelos, A Shakeri, D McCormack, A Campos-Meade, T Gomes, M Murti, V Pierre-Pierre, M Tadrous

Are there clinically significant interactions between COVID-19 vaccination and post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID)?

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