CCDR: Volume 48-5, May 2022: Vector-Borne Infections–Part 1: Ticks & Mosquitoes


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An overview of the National West Nile Virus Surveillance System in Canada: A One Health approach
D Todoric, L Vrbova, ME Mitri, S Gasmi, A Stewart, S Connors, H Zheng, A-C Bourgeois, M Drebot, J Paré, M Zimmer, P Buck

Identification of an unusual cluster of human granulocytic anaplasmosis in the Estrie region, Québec, Canada in 2021
L Campeau, V Roy, G Petit, G Baron, J Blouin, A Carignan

Implementation Science
A meteorological-based forecasting model for predicting minimal infection rates in Culex pipiens-restuans complex using Québec's West Nile virus integrated surveillance system
J Ducrocq, K Forest-Bérard, N Ouhoummane, E Laouan Sidi, A Ludwig, A Irace-Cima

Surveillance for Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus ticks and their associated pathogens in Canada, 2019
CH Wilson, S Gasmi, A-C Bourgeois, J Badcock, N Chahil, MA Kulkarni, M-K Lee, LR Lindsay, PA Leighton, MG Morshed, C Smolarchuk, JK Koffi

Surveillance for Lyme disease in Canada, 2009–2019
S Gasmi, JK Koffi, MP Nelder, C Russell, S Graham-Derham, L Lachance, B Adhikari, J Badcock, S Baidoobonso, BA Billard, B Halfyard, S Jodoin, M Singal, A-C Bourgeois

Epidemiologic Study
Epidemiology of invasive meningococcal disease in Canada, 2012–2019
M Saboui, RSW Tsang, R MacTavish, A Agarwal, YA Li, MI Salvadori, SG Squires

ID News
Lyme disease surveillance report, 2019

Mosquito-borne diseases surveillance report, 2019

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