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Cervical Cancer Screening in Canada: 1998 Surveillance Report is the first national surveillance report on cervical cancer screening activities in six provinces across Canada. The report provides information on key areas of program performance, including participation in cervical cancer screening, specimen adequacy, cytology results, and incidence and mortality of cervical cancer. Development of cervical cancer screening has been guided by the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network since 1995 in response to national recommendations highlighting the need for comprehensive cervical cancer screening programs. Such programs aim to provide screening to Canadian women at appropriate intervals, with information systems in place to monitor overall quality assurance of screening procedures, including follow-up of all women found to have abnormal screen results. Effectively organized programs ensure wise use of health resources, and at the same time minimize the burden of cervical cancer on the Canadian population.

Managers and staff working in cervical cancer programs, health policy makers and members of the general public with an interest in cervical cancer are the intended audience for this report. Planning and managing cervical cancer screening programs requires surveillance information not only on indicators of screening participation and quality of the screening process, but also knowledge of trends in cervical cancer incidence and mortality, and of its risk factors. By synthesizing evidence from published research and new analyses of Canadian data, this report demonstrates how epidemiologic analyses can identify areas for further development of program interventions and policies for cervical cancer screening.

Our success in this work has been achieved through strong collaboration with Health Canada's Cancer Division and the Information Systems Working Group of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network. These, in turn, rely on a larger network of national and international agencies that have contributed to development of various data sources and research studies that are essential to our understanding of how to control this largely preventable disease.

This document serves as the basis for regular reporting on cervical cancer screening activities in Canada.

Gavin Stuart
Chair, Cervical Cancer Prevention Network
Vice President, Alberta Cancer Board
Director of Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Dr. Sylvie Stachenko
Director General
Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada

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