Mental health and wellness

Mental health, mental illness, suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cannabis and mental health

Services and information

Mental health services

Support for those in crisis, including Indigenous peoples, veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members and federal employees

About mental health

What mental health is, how to take care of it, benefits of positive mental health

How to cope with stressful life events

Violence, stress, pregnancy, problematic substance use, bullying, and life changes as we get older

Improving your mental health

Improving and promoting positive mental health, factors that protect or put it at risk, workplace

Mental illness

About mental illnesses, disorders and diseases

Suicide prevention

Suicide, prevention, risk factors, how to get help when you or someone you know is in need

Cannabis and mental health

Mental health effects, health effects on youth, cannabis and brain development

Funding for mental health initiatives

Contribution programs, including for mental health, suicide prevention, health promotion, dementia research

What we are doing

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