Assessment and Counselling Services

Assessment Centres

Telephone: 819-420-8777

We offer a variety of assessment services targeted for all levels of management for selection and development purposes. These range from Assessment Centres to 360° Feedback Instruments and Services, Structured Reference Checks, Candidate Achievement Records, and Simulations. Some of our assessment tools can be tailored to suit your individual HR needs. For more information, please contact PPC Consultation Services at 819-420-8671

Note: The services listed below are provided on a cost-recovery basis.

Examples of our Assessment Centres include:


Simulations are among PPC's most effective assessment tools for selection or developmental purposes. They provide rich and unique information on key competencies as well as flexibility in administration. You may choose to administer our simulations yourself or have our psychologists assist you by:

  • providing more in-depth training on the use of our simulation
  • tailoring the simulation to suit your individual HR needs
  • participating as a member of your departmental assessment team to guide you in the administration and rating of the simulation, as well as in the interpretation of candidate results
  • coordinating and administering your simulation assessments on-site, at our Ottawa offices or your place of work

Examples of our simulations include:

Additional tools

Executive Counselling Services

Telephone: 819-420-8784

  • Career planning and career transition
  • Confidential consultation and assessment
  • Counselling with licensed psychologists
  • Coaching by experienced executives

Executive Counselling Services has professional counsellors in major cities across Canada.

For information and booking of appointment, please call 819-420-8784.

Services designed for Executive

ECS personalized services for executives have helped several thousand public servants bring out the best in their career. Through our consultation, coaching, mentoring and counselling services, we foster the insight our clients need to make wise decisions and to turn challenging situations into development opportunities.

While ECS tailors its solutions to the individual needs of each client, our services are of essentially two types – EX support and EX development.

  • EX support services: ECS offers a supportive environment for executives dealing with the responsibility for organizational performance. Clients can explore difficult issues, get assistance to meet current challenges and explore their options during periods of career transition.
  • EX development services: ECS helps executives address their learning needs on an individual basis and create effective strategies to move toward their career objectives. Our focus is on enhancing leadership competence at all levels beginning at entry to the EX group.

Visit us at: Executive Counselling Services

Quality Control for the Second Language Evaluation - Oral Language Assessment 

Fax: 819-420-8716

This unit is responsible for ensuring that the Second Language Evaluation - Oral Language Assessment is administered and rated according to standards set for the test. Responsibilities include selecting, training, certifying and monitoring the work of assessors, and addressing complaints about how a test has been administered. The team is also available to:

  • respond to your questions and give information sessions on the test
  • provide a consultation service to determine accommodation measures on the second language evaluations for reading, writing, and oral tests for candidates with disabilities

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