Executive Counselling Services

If you’re an executive or an aspiring leader in Canada’s federal public service, we can help you:

  • maximize your performance and enhance your management skills
  • identify and pursue career options
  • deal with difficult situations and leadership challenges

We’ve helped thousands of executives since 1990 bring out the best in their careers. Our personalized and confidential services are provided by experienced psychologists and executive consultants. These services are available to individuals at the EX minus 3 to EX-5 levels from most public service departments and agencies, across the country.

Services for executives and aspiring leaders

Leadership assessment and development

  • Assess and develop your leadership skills, explore career options and prepare for executive selection processes

Leadership challenges

  • Learn to manage difficult emotions and resolve conflicts, navigate your organizational culture, and turn challenging situations into opportunities

Diversity and inclusion

  • Take part in confidential discussions about your diversity-related challenges and objectives

If you’ve already used our services, feel free to contact us for more information, or you can submit a new request.

Services for HR representatives and hiring managers

Personality assessment for job suitability

  • Determine candidates’ psychological suitability for high-risk positions
  • Select candidates based on potential for specific positions

Group workshops

  • Sign your group up for a workshop on key leadership competencies, preparing for executive interviews, or pursuing a career as an executive

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