How to answer the questions of the (MMSE-840)

This document is intended to help candidates prepare for the Middle Management Situational Exercise (MMSE-840).


The Middle Management Situational Exercise (MMSE-840) is a tool that assesses general management ability. The (MMSE-840) places you in the role of a manager in an organization similar to that found in the federal Public Service of Canada. The (MMSE 840) requires you to handle various situations under your responsibility at the management level. The MMSE (840) includes test instructions, background documentation, and 16 situations. You will have three hours to read these documents and answer the questions.

For each situation, you will be presented with one or more multiple choice questions. Your task is to identify the option(s) that best reflect(s) your decisions and recommended actions in response to the situation. For example, you may encounter issues concerning media relations that could affect the organization's reputation. Your challenge would be to identify the best way to maintain relations with the media in order to uphold the organization's image. For most of the situations presented, you are also instructed to identify the stakeholders you would contact. The total number of stakeholders you may contact varies depending on the situation.

Question Types

There are three types of questions in the (MMSE-840) and there is a different format for answering each one. An example of each type of question and answer is given below.

Type 1: Questions with only one answer

Some questions require you to choose the best answer from five or more options. Indicate your choice on the answer sheet by completely filling in the circle under the number corresponding to your answer.



Type 2: Questions with two answers

Some questions require you to choose the best two answers from five or more options. Indicate your choice on the answer sheet by completely filling in the circles under the numbers corresponding to your answers.



Type 3: Questions with several answers where the choices are codes that represent stakeholders

Some questions require you to identify the stakeholders who would be the most effective in moving the situation forward and with whom you would communicate. You will need to consult a list of employees and stakeholders that is provided within the background documentation. Indicate your choices on the answer sheet by filling in the circles below the numbers that correspond to the code of each stakeholder with which you wish to communicate.

Example of an Employee & Stakeholder list:
Employees & Stakeholders Title Code
Vinh Nguyen Director General 1
John Taba Director 34
Marie-Louise Chatelein Manager 234

If the code for the stakeholder you wish to communicate with is 34, your answer should appear on the answer sheet as follows:


If the code for the stakeholder you wish to communicate is 234, your answer should appear on the answer sheet as follows:


A few tips when taking this test

  • Read the question and all answer choices completely before making a selection. Avoid choosing the first or second answer listed without reading all of the available options.
  • Each correct answer earns points. Eliminate the answers that you know are incorrect. By limiting your choices, you improve your chances of selecting the correct answer. If you are uncertain about a response, choose your best guess, as you are not penalized for incorrect answers.
  • Ensure that you enter only the number of answers specified in the question; otherwise, no points will be awarded for the question.
  • Ensure that the number of the question in the situation matches the number on the answer sheet. If you skip a question, remember to skip the corresponding number on the answer sheet. If you wish to change an answer, erase your first mark completely before entering your new choice.
  • Work quickly and use all the time available. If you finish before the end of the testing session, you may want to review your answers or return to questions that you found difficult. You can also use the time to check whether your answers are entered correctly on the answer sheet.

The Public Service Commission's Personnel Psychology Centre is responsible for scoring the (MMSE-840). The result is sent to the responsible human resources advisor, who will then notify you. There is a waiting period of 180 days before taking the test again. If you write the test again, only the last score obtained is valid. If you do not write the test again, your score will remain valid indefinitely.

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