2021 and beyond

“Appreciative that the CRA is hosting these sessions across the country in order to better CRA services for the public.”


In the coming years, you can expect big changes to our online services. We are working towards a redesign of the My Account, MyBA, and Represent a Client portals to create a seamless common user experience for taxpayers and their representatives. Some of the changes include one single logon for all portals, dashboard views, a built-in communications centre, and easier management of personal information. 

In the near future, business owners and representatives will also be able to ask for payment transfers between a personal account and a business account right inside MyBA without having to call the CRA. We will continue to make more correspondence available online, but in the meantime, anything not available online will still be printed and mailed to you.

Last but not least, we are working on a project that will allow taxpayers to track the status of their file. As part of this project, we are exploring the possibility of providing payment status information in the portal. The project will be rolled out in multiple phases, and it will be designed with your help through client experience research.

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