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Since our SYB consultations and our last action plan in 2017, we have made many additional service and program improvements. In case you missed their release, here are some of the new programs and services available to help streamline your interactions with the CRA. 

Digital Services

We have been using data analytics in the online portals and portal exit surveys to track user experience and identify common irritants. This data will be used to improve our digital services.

Business Enquiries

We’ve moved the telephone enquiries program to a new Hosted Contact Centre Service telephone platform. Our new platform provides more efficient service through national and skills based routing which sends calls to the right agent faster based on their skill set and training. Additionally, we are now able to provide callers with estimated wait times to speak with an agent.

Since switching to the platform, some businesses have told us that they are having a hard time finding information on our website. We are continuously improving our search engine to improve its functionality and features. We added the “contextual search” function that allows users to only search within CRA maintained pages. Look for “Search CRA” in the search box on CRA pages instead of “Search”

Business Fees for Service and T4A Reporting

As part of our ongoing efforts to gather feedback and inform our external partners, we created a webinar to provide taxpayers and accountants with more information on the T4A reporting process. This webinar, Business fees for services and T4A reporting aired on February 20, 2019. We will continue to seek stakeholder feedback on the reporting requirement on the T4A.


Various options are available to taxpayers that might make filing an objection unnecessary. To help you decide the best option for you, we created two interactive decision tools, one for income tax disputes and one for GST/HST disputes. These can help you decide if you need to file an objection, or if there is another way to handle your dispute.

Post-Audit Survey

The CRA continuously looks for ways to improve the audit experience. That’s why we invite small and medium businesses that have gone through an income tax or GST/HST audit to provide feedback by completing the CRA’s post-audit survey online. Responses are anonymous and will be used to help identify the areas we need to improve.

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