We will continue to clarify information about payment options

“Taxpayers want to use the payment option that is best for them.”

CRA employee

We understand that payments can sometimes be a source of frustration for businesses. Based on your feedback and suggestions, we are going to make some major improvements to our existing payment options. 

What you said

Many businesses told us they were not aware of the different payment options available to them. You also told us that it is challenging to make T2 and payroll payments online. You would like to be notified when the CRA receives a payment, and you would like to be able to print your own remittance vouchers. Sole proprietors currently cannot make GST/HST payments from their individual bank accounts, which sometimes causes them to apply payments incorrectly to their T1 account.

What we are going to do

  • We will reach out to industry stakeholders to explore further leveraging their communication channels to promote awareness of our payment options more consistently and frequently.
  • We are developing a new “Pay” button that will be available in MyBA and some GST/HST digital filing venues. It will allow businesses to pay outstanding balances with the click of a button, much like what is available through the CRA BizApp.
  • You will be able to receive an email confirmation when the CRA receives your payment. Make sure to sign-up for this service and be registered in one of our online portals.
  • We are working towards allowing businesses and their representatives to print certain types of remittance vouchers.
  • We will implement a new electronic payment option allowing employers to make garnishee payments to the CRA (currently, only able to make such payments through the mail).
  • We will create education products to better inform GST/HST sole proprietors about the options available to make payments on their GST/HST account and ensure that our Business Enquiries agents have this information when addressing calls on this matter.

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