We will continue to make tax information easier to access, understand, and use

“The Liaison Officer service is especially useful to taxpayers without representatives to assist in avoiding common errors.”

Business owner

We want to make it as easy as possible for Canadians to fulfill their tax obligations. That’s why we are continually working to convey information in a way that is accessible and meaningful to our clients. 

What you said

Some businesses seem unaware of the many services available at the CRA, such as the Liaison Officer service. For those aware of the service, you told us you would like to be able to access it as an incorporated business.

You told us we should work with our stakeholders in the business community more frequently to promote our messaging about what’s new or what we’re working on at the CRA. You also told us that online mail is great, but when you received an email notification that you had mail, you wanted to know more about what type of correspondence was waiting in your online account.

You were pleased with the improvements to the business enquiries telephone service, but you would like extended hours so it’s more convenient to call before or after regular business hours.

What we are going to do

  • We will reach out to industry stakeholders to explore further leveraging their communication channels to promote awareness of our services.
  • Introduce the Liaison Officer service to incorporated businesses.
  • We will update the email notification to individuals and businesses to let them know the type of correspondence that is waiting for them in the online portal.
  • We will explore the feasibility of extending the hours of our business enquiries telephone service and look at ways to make it easier for representatives to navigate the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options. Additionally, we will be keeping as a permanent service the Dedicated Telephone Service, which provides tax service providers access to CRA employees who can help with complex technical issues.
  • We will create a new Canada.ca page that lists all services the CRA offers to small and medium businesses.

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