Pay rates

Each occupational group and level has its own salary range. Your basic annual pay rate is determined upon hiring.

Based on your performance you may be entitled to a pay increment. If you reach the maximum of the pay scale your pay will not increase unless there is a revision in the collective agreement or you receive a promotion to another group and level.

While working for the CRA, you may be entitled to receive a bilingual bonus. This is an annual bonus for those who are in designated bilingual positions and who meet the language requirements of the position.

Bargaining Units Groups
Program Delivery & Administrative Services (Public Service Alliance of Canada PSAC) SP, MG-SPS
Audit, Financial & Scientific (Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada PIPSC) AC, AU, CH, CO, CS, ED, EN, ES, FI, LS, MG-AFS, PC, PS, SE, SI
Unrepresented Groups  
Executive Group EX
Personnel Administration Group HR/RH
Students SU

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