T3010 checklist – how to avoid common mistakes when filing your return

A registered charity must file an annual information return with financial statements and required attachments.


Use the following information to avoid a lost return, incorrect financial calculations, and other mistakes that could cause delays

  file a complete return

  file your return within six months from the end of your charity’s fiscal year

  make sure your financial statements are included with your return and have the same fiscal year-end

  file your return even if your charity was inactive during its fiscal year

  describe your charitable activities, not your fundraising activities, in Section C2

  make sure there is a signature of a director/trustee or like official in Section E

  include the dates of birth, arm’s length status, and postal codes for all directors, trustees, and like officials on Form T1235

  include the registration numbers for all qualified donees on Form T1236

  mail to:

Charities Directorate
Canada Revenue Agency
105 – 275 Pope Road
Summerside PE  C1N 6E8

Additional information

You must include your financial information in Section D or Schedule 6 – do not complete both.

You must complete Schedule 6 (not Section D) if any of the following applies:

If you are completing Section D:

If you are completing Schedule 6:

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This checklist is for the charity's use only. Do not mail to the CRA or file with the return.

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