Digital services for tax preparers

Use the links below to get information on the digital services available to you and your individual and business clients.

Filing options

Digital services and information for you

  • Represent a Client
    Register online as a representative and be authorized by your clients. Once authorized you will have online access to most of your client's information and services found in My Account or My Business Account.
  • EFILE news
    Get up-to-date information on filing individual tax returns for clients
  • Auto-fill my return
    As an authorized representative, you can automatically fill in parts of your client’s current year income tax and benefit return.
  • ReFILE
    ReFILE like you EFILE! Adjust a T1 tax return online with certified EFILE or NETFILE software.
  • Discounters
    Information of interest to discounters
  • Electronic mailing lists
    Receive an email notice when new information is added to our website
  • Forms and publications
    Download or order forms and publications online or by phone, get fillable forms, order forms and publications in multiple formats, customized forms, technical publications, and more
  • Selecting clients for review
    The criteria we use to determine which individuals are selected for review
  • Budget information
    Access budget information by year (Finance Canada website)
  • Representatives and tax professionals
    Get information of interest to tax preparers

Digital services and information for your clients

  • Individuals
    Digital service options for filing returns, making a payment, changing returns, disagreeing with an assessment or determination, changing an address, calculating family benefits, getting direct deposit, and more.
  • Businesses
    Digital service options for filing returns, making a payment, registering a business, getting information, online requests, payroll services, making an electronic payment, downloading or ordering forms and publications, and more.

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