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You can file your completed tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) online or by mail. If you are a non-resident, you can only send your tax return by mail.


Filing online is the fastest and easiest way to do your taxes.

Before you file your taxes online, make sure your CRA information is up to date. This includes your address, marital status and direct deposit information.

Certified tax software (using NETFILE)

Certified tax software and tax applications use the secure NETFILE service to electronically send your completed income tax and benefit return to the CRA.

Use your NETFILE access code to file your 2023 taxes

Before you submit your 2023 taxes, you will be asked to enter your NETFILE access code. You enter this code after your name, date of birth and social insurance number (SIN).

You can find your 8-character access code under the “Notice details” box of a previous year’s Notice of Assessment (NOA).

An access code is not needed if you are filing your tax return for the first time.

If you submit your taxes using your access code, you can use your 2023 tax information to confirm your identity when you need to contact the CRA. If you do not enter your access code, the CRA must rely on other information to confirm your identity.

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Auto-fill my return

You or your authorized service provider can use this secure CRA service to automatically fill in parts of your tax return for the current tax year.

Your tax information from tax slips, like your T4s, registered retirement savings information and carry forward amounts, will be used to auto-fill your tax return.

To use Auto-fill my return, you must:

  • have a CRA My Account
  • use certified tax software that includes the Auto-fill my return option

For details: Auto-fill my return

EFILE through an authorized service provider

An authorized service provider or tax preparer, like a discounter, can use EFILE for individuals to complete and file your tax return electronically.

For details: EFILE for individuals

By mail

If you complete and file your taxes on a paper return, it may take longer for the CRA to process your return.

To send a paper return by mail

  1. Complete your taxes on a paper return
  2. Find out where to mail a paper return
  3. Mail your completed tax return to your tax centre

If you are mailing someone else’s paper return

If you prepare other people’s tax returns, mail each person’s return in a separate envelope. However, if you are filing more than one return for the same person, put them all in one envelope.

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