Form NR5 - 5-year Administrative Policy

Only one Form NR5, Application by a Non-Resident of Canada for a Reduction in the Amount of Non-Resident Tax Required to be Withheld, will have to be filed for every five tax years, if approved.

When an NR5 application is approved:


Tracy files her Form NR5 in October 2017.
If approved, it will be valid for the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 tax years.
Tracy will also not have to file another NR5 until October 2022, which, if approved, will cover the 2023 to 2027 tax years.
Additionally, she will have to file an income tax return under section 217 of the Act within six months from the end of each tax year covered by the five-year approval period.

How to amend your NR5 application

If, during the five-year approval period, there is a change in the amount of income you receive, you can send us an amended NR5 application. A new withholding rate may be determined based on the information provided on any amended NR5 application received. We will inform you and each relevant Canadian payer of any revisions to the withholding rate.


You are not required to file an amended Form NR5 to inform us of yearly increases to your pension payments due to a cost of living increase (indexing), because these changes are taken into account during the initial processing of your application.

If you send an amended NR5 application in the first year of the five-year approval period and it's approved, there will be no change to the five-year approval period. If, however, you send an amended NR5 application in any other year covered by the five-year approval period and it is approved, this will be considered a new application. A new five-year approval period will begin.

How to cancel your NR5 application

You may contact us at any time to request that your NR5 application be cancelled. However, you will still be required to file your section 217 income tax return for the approved period covered before the cancellation.

Where to send requests

Requests to amend and cancel NR5 applications should be sent to the following address:

Non-Resident Withholding Section
Sudbury Tax Centre
Post Office Box 20000, Station A
Sudbury ON P3A 5C1

Fax number: 705-677-7712 and 1-866-765-8460

For more information on amending or cancelling NR5 applications, contact the International Tax and Non-Resident Enquiries line by telephone at:

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