Repayment Assistance Plan – Eligibility


You may qualify for repayment assistance if:

  • you live in Canada or:
    • are a reservist or spouse of a reservist deployed abroad, or
    • are on an international internship for a year or less
  • your loans are in repayment, that is at least 6 months have passed since you graduated or left school, and
  • you are up-to-date on your loan payments

Income thresholds

If your family income is less than a certain amount per month, you may not need to make payments on your student loans for a period of 6 months.

If you earn more than the income thresholds shown below, you may still qualify for reduced monthly payments.

Monthly gross family income thresholds by family size
Family size Income threshold
1 $3,560
2 $4,176
3 $5,115
4 $5,905
5 $6,602
6 $7,232
7+ $7,812

Note: Income thresholds may be different for the provincial part of your loan.

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