Repay a student loan – Repayment assistance

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Repayment Assistance Plan

If you are having trouble paying your loan, you can apply for help through these plans:

Severe permanent disability

If you have a permanent disability, you may be able to have your student debt cancelled through the Severe Permanent Disability Benefit (SPDB).

You could be eligible if your disability limits your ability to work for the rest of your life.

Family doctors and nurses

As a family doctor, resident, or nurse working in a rural or remote area, you may qualify for help to repay your student loans.

Canadian Forces reservists

If you are a Canadian Forces reservist on a designated operation, you do not have to make payments on your student loans.

You have options

Whether you missed a loan payment or not, you can:

  • log in to your NSLSC account to access tools to help you find a repayment plan
  • contact the NSLSC to discuss your payment options
  • borrowers from Alberta, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island also need to contact their province

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