Repay a student loan – Update payment options

Provincial or territorial payments

Your payment options depend on which province or territory you applied for Student Financial Assistance.

Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrador

You repay all your student loans through the National Student Loan Service Centre. Use the instructions on this page.

Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

You have provincial and federal portions of your loan that need to be repaid separately.

Follow the instructions from your provincial loan provider to repay your provincial loan. You can follow the instructions on this page for the federal part of your loan.

Quebec, Nunavut or the Northwest Territories

You pay back your loan directly to your province or territory. Contact your provincial or territorial loan provider to arrange payments.


You repay your federal student loans through the National Student Loan Service Centre. Use the instructions on this page.

Increase or decrease your monthly payment

If you have a full-time student loan, you can customize your payment online. You can increase your payments. This will lessen the time it takes to pay back your loan and will lower the amount of interest you pay. You can also lower your payments by extending your repayment period up to 174 months. That will make your payment smaller but you will pay more interest.

To reduce your payments below the minimum amount or if you do not wish to change your payment terms online, contact the NSLSC.

If you need more help in repaying your loan, you may be able to get Repayment assistance.

Payment date and frequency update

You can change the day of the month your payment is due:

Fill out the form and mail it to:

National Student Loan Service Centre 
P.O. Box 4030 
Mississauga, ON  L5A  4M4

You can set up weekly or bi-weekly payments by adding multiple days of the month as payment dates.

Consider setting payments soon after your receive a pay cheque to help pay off your debt in the quickest way that works for you.

Update your banking information

Pre-authorized monthly payments will be taken out of your account automatically. Log in to your secure NSLSC account to update your banking information.

Change your interest rate option

You can change your interest rate option from a floating to fixed interest at any time by contacting the NSLSC. Once you have chosen a fixed rate, you cannot change back.

Loan repayment estimator

Use the Repayment estimator to find out how much you would need to repay each month.

Make payments outside of monthly payments

There are other ways to make payments. You can:

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