Old Age Security: Do you qualify

Do you qualify

Your employment history is not a factor in determining eligibility. You can receive the Old Age Security (OAS) pension even if you have never worked or are still working.

If you are living in Canada, you must:

If you are living outside Canada, you must:

Canadians working outside Canada for Canadian employers

Canadians working outside Canada for Canadian employers, such as the Canadian Armed Forces and banks, may have their time working abroad counted as residence in Canada.

To qualify this time working abroad as residence, you must have either:

You must provide the following 2 documents:

Under certain conditions, spouses, common-law partners, dependents, and Canadians working abroad for international organizations may also count time spent abroad as residence in Canada.

If neither of the above scenarios applies to you, you may still qualify for the Old Age Security pension, a pension from another country, or from both countries if you have:

For more information, see lived or living outside Canada.

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