Indigenous engagement on the proposed new impact assessment system

In anticipation of the Impact Assessment Act coming into force, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is taking a collaborative approach to developing new regulatory processes and policies, particularly those that affect Indigenous peoples. A range of opportunities will be made available to rights holders, communities and organizations to contribute to this work.

Process for engagement

Building on the input and recommendations we received throughout the review of environmental assessment processes, the Agency will work with the new Indigenous Advisory Committee to develop approaches for ongoing policy engagement. The Indigenous Advisory Committee will provide advice on policy approaches throughout the development of guidance.

We will hold workshops with technicians and experts to gather lessons learned, best practices, and approaches. This will be an opportunity to collaborate on building key objectives, considerations and approach for each policy.

Based on what we learn from the workshops, we will work with the Indigenous Advisory Committee to develop discussion papers or draft policy and guidance.

There will be engagement with Rights Holders on whether the options that have been developed address the issues appropriately. These consultations will inform development of the final guidance, policy, and regulations.

Some of this work will be done in collaboration with departments responsible for implementing the changes to the Fisheries Act, the proposed Canadian Navigable Waters Act, and the proposed Canadian Energy Regulator Act.

Over the past two years, Indigenous peoples have been active participants in the review of environmental processes, and the comments and submissions received to date are foundational to this work.


Financial assistance will be made available to participants to help prepare for and participate in key stages of the collaborative and engagement process. For more information on how to apply, please see Public Notice.

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