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The Net-Zero Challenge encourages businesses to develop and implement credible and effective plans to transition their facilities and operations to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Businesses around the world are transitioning to net-zero emissions. In addition to reducing emissions, adopting net-zero plans can:

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All businesses operating in Canada – domestic and multinational – with net-zero aspirations can join the Challenge. Sign and submit a Commitment Letter.Footnote *

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3M Canada

3M is pleased to join and support the Government of Canada in the Net-Zero Challenge, affirming our commitment to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions 50% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. We know that by applying science and working collaboratively with governments, customers and global partners, we can deliver innovative decarbonization solutions and accelerate positive environmental impact in our communities.

Penny Wise,
President and Sustainability Leader, 3M Canada

Aviva Canada

The Net-Zero Challenge is a great opportunity for businesses and industries to act with greater transparency and urgency when it comes to tackling the climate emergency. Words must translate into action. I urge every business leader to act, and be part of the solution. At Aviva Canada, we're pleased to be a founding participant and leading the way with our own net-zero by 2040 ambition. Fighting climate change is a team game. Only by acting together will we be able to accelerate Canada's transition to a low-carbon future.

Jason Storah,
CEO, Aviva Canada

BASF Canada

BASF Canada is proud to join Canada's Net-Zero Challenge. Now, more than ever, it's important to collaborate and work together to help reach these shared climate goals. BASF is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and although this goal is ambitious, it is also achievable, and is crucial for a sustainable future. The work that the government of Canada is doing with industry will bring us one step closer to a net zero future.

Apala Mukherjee,
President, BASF Canada

Cement Association of Canada

Climate change is our industry's most significant challenge. By charting a credible, transparent path to net-zero emissions, our industry continues its history of leadership in building the sustainable world of tomorrow. We are proud to be a founding participant in the Net-Zero Challenge. It is one more example of our pursuit of proactive partnerships with governments, the construction sector, and civil society to support reducing our carbon emissions by up to 40% by 2030 and net-zero by 2050.

Adam Auer,
President and CEO, Cement Association of Canada


As a world-class transportation leader and trade-enabler, CN handles over C$250 billion worth of goods and carries more than 300 million tons of cargo annually, and is proud to be moving all these products in a sustainable way. CN's pledge to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 aligns with the Government of Canada's commitment. We will continue to decarbonize our operations and, in turn, will enable our customers to reduce their transportation supply chain emissions and support their and our growth in sustainable products and markets.

Janet Drysdale,
Vice-President, Financial Planning and Sustainability, CN

Edmonton International Airport

The Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is excited to participate in the Government of Canada's Net-Zero Challenge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. With our Airport City Sustainability Campus, we are leading several initiatives to promote the decarbonization of aviation and airports, including building the world's largest airport-based solar farm, driving the consumer adoption of hydrogen, and using nature-based solutions. Our Airport City Sustainability Campus is focused on spurring collaboration and fostering innovation to help reduce emissions, stimulate economic development, and create green jobs for a sustainable economy.

Myron Keehn,
Vice President, Air Service, Business Development, ESG and Stakeholder Relations

General Motors of Canada Company

General Motors of Canada is pleased to join Canada's Net-Zero Challenge, and we look forward to working with government towards an electric future that includes everyone, and becoming carbon neutral in our products and operations by 2040.

Marissa West,
GM Canada President and Managing Director

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

As Canada's largest airport, Pearson is committed to environmental sustainability.  We have already made significant reductions to our GHG emissions and we are committed to driving toward our net zero emissions goal. By joining this challenge, we reflect the aviation sector commitment to pursue net zero emissions, and I commend the Government of Canada and Minister Guilbeault for this initiative.

Deborah Flint,
President & CEO, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Loblaw Companies Limited

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing Canadians today. As one of Canada's largest retailers, we are determined to do our part. We are committed to get to Net Zero for our enterprise operations by 2040 and will work with our partners to get to Net Zero by 2050 for our scope 3 emissions. We know together we can make significant progress over these coming, critical, years.

Al Burke,
SVP Real Estate, Chair – Loblaw Carbon Working Group

Ottawa International Airport Authority

The Ottawa International Airport Authority is excited to join Canada's Net-Zero Challenge. Building on YOW's ACI Carbon Accreditation Level 3+ achievements and the GHG-reduction initiatives undertaken over the past 20 years, YOW is developing plans to achieve zero emissions from direct operations by 2040 with an even greater ambition to reach the goal by 2030 - well ahead of the Challenges' 2050 target. We look forward to working with partners from across the airport campus and at Hydro Ottawa to explore electrifying vehicles, generating renewable energy, and other zero-emission projects in our net-zero quest.

Mark Laroche,
President and CEO, Ottawa International Airport Authority

Shell Canada

Achieving net zero emissions for Canada as well as our company is no small feat.  Both require significant investment underpinned by broad collaboration between governments, industry and all levels of society.  While we don't underestimate the challenge, we are pleased to join the growing number of Canadian firms who share our commitment to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050 while also ensuring there is a reliable and affordable supply of low carbon energy products Canada and the world needs."

Susannah Pierce,
Shell Canada President and Country Chair.

Vancouver Airport Authority

We are proud to be a founding member of the Government of Canada's Net-Zero Challenge to join others in decarbonizing our operations and industries. At YVR, we've committed to be net-zero carbon by 2030 and are supporting our aviation partners to enable them to achieve their net zero targets for 2050. Through this challenge, we look forward to sharing the lessons learned in delivering our Roadmap to Net Zero and collaborating with businesses across Canada to advance a greener and more resilient future.

Tamara Vrooman,
President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority

Woodfibre LNG Limited

We're proud to be an original signatory on the Net-Zero Challenge, and we look forward to sharing our exciting plans to reach that goal soon. Government initiatives like the Net-Zero Challenge are key drivers for innovation and evolution in Canada's natural gas industry, and one of the reasons we will be able to share the world's lowest emission LNG with the international markets that need it most.

Christine Kennedy,
President Woodfibre LNG

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Participating companies

The following Canadian companies are currently participating in the Net-Zero Challenge.

Participants – Large businesses
Participant Name Stream Participation tier
3M Canada 3 Committed
Aecon Group Inc 3 Committed
Arcelormittal Dofasco 1 Committed
Aviva Canada 2 Committed
BASF Canada 1 Committed
BHP Canada 1 Committed
Calian Group Ltd. 3 Committed
Canada Post 3 Platinum
Carleton University 3 Committed

Cement Association of Canada

  • Ash Grove Cement - a CRH Company
  • Federal White Cement, Ltd.
  • Heidelberg Materials
  • Lafarge Canada
  • St Marys Cement - A Votorantim Cimentos Company
1 Bronze
CN 3 Committed
Cogeco 3 Committed
Deloitte 3 Committed
Edmonton Regional Airports Authority 3 Committed
General Motors of Canada Company 3 Committed
Greater Toronto Airports Authority 3 Committed
Loblaw Companies Limited 3 Committed
Microsoft Canada 3 Committed
Ottawa International Airport Authority 3 Committed
QuadReal Property Group 3 Committed
Shell Canada Limited 1 Gold
Siemens Canada Limited 3 Committed
AtkinsRéalis 3 Committed
TEKsystems Canada 3 Committed
Vancouver Airport Authority 3 Committed
Woodfibre LNG Limited 1 Committed
CGI Inc. 3 Committed
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Canada 3 Committed
Convergint Technologies Ltd 3 Committed
Duvaltex Inc., member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Procom Consultants Group Ltd 3 Committed
CBC/Radio-Canada 3 Committed
Paladin Technologies Inc. 3 Committed
NORR Architects & Engineers Limited 3 Committed
EBC Inc. 3 Committed
Pomerleau Inc. 3 Committed
AECOM Canada Ltd 3 Committed
PCL Canada 3 Committed
Indigo Park Canada 3 Committed
WSP Canada Inc. 3 Committed
Aéroports de Montréal 3 Committed
Colliers Project Leaders Inc. 3 Committed
Canada Lands Company Limited 3 Committed
BGIS Global Integrated Solutions Canada L.P. 3 Committed
GCT Global Container Terminals 3 Committed
EllisDon Corporation 3 Committed
Mindwire Systems Ltd. 3 Committed
Accenture 3 Committed
CIMA Canada Inc. 3 Committed
KPMG Canada 3 Committed
Braya Renewable Fuels 1 Committed
Serco Group Plc 3 Committed
EY Canada 3 Committed
Stantec Inc. 3 Committed
Switzer-CARTY Transportation 3 Committed
Ledcor Industries Inc. 3 Committed
CompuCom Systems Inc 3 Committed
Participants – Small- and Medium-Enterprises (SMEs)
Participant Name Stream Participation tier
ADGA 3 Committed
Adirondack Information Technology 3 Committed
ADRM Group Consulting Corp. 3 Committed
AET Group Inc. 3 Committed
Armour Valve Ltd. 3 Committed
Biothermica Technologies 3 Committed
Copernicus Educational Products 3 Committed
CORADIX Technology Consulting 3 Committed
Emobility Energy Inc. 3 Committed
Experis Canada 3 Committed
Foresight Canada 3 Committed
GSI International Consulting Inc. 3 Committed
I4C Consulting Inc. 3 Committed
IBISKA Telecom Inc. 3 Committed
iFathom Corporation 3 Committed
International Custom Products Inc (ICP) 3 Committed
Le Prix 3 Committed
Makwa Resourcing Inc. 3 Committed
Maplesoft Group 3 Committed
Maverin Inc. 3 Committed
Moerae Solutions Inc. 3 Committed
Moderna Manufacturing Canada Corporation 3 Committed
NavPoint Consultation Group Inc. 3 Committed
NewFound Recruiting 3 Committed
Northern Energy Capital 3 Committed
Nouveau Monde Graphite 3 Committed
Novex Delivery Solutions 3 Committed
Onakì Création 3 Committed
Platinum Pro-claim Restoration Limited 3 Committed
Raspberry Point Oysters 3 Committed 3 Committed
Science North 3 Committed
Sustainability Advantage 3 Diamond
SustainAgro Ltd. 3 Committed
The Employment Solution 3 Committed
TPG Technology Consulting Ltd. 3 Committed
TRM Technologies 3 Committed
True EV Charging 3 Committed
Alphinat Inc. 3 Committed
ThinkOn Inc. 3 Committed
Francis Organizational Consultants Inc. (FOCI) 3 Committed
Bloombase Canada 3 Committed
Brightspot Climate Inc. 3 Committed
Tundra Technical Solutions Inc. 3 Committed
Lemay Co. 3 Committed
OK Gear Ltd 3 Committed
Donna Cona 3 Committed
Montreal Port Authority 3 Committed
Calko Group, member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
FilSpec Inc, member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Davey Textiles Solutions Inc., member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Fine Cotton Factory, member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Logistik Unicorp Inc., member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
MW Canada LTD, member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Oratex Inc., member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Roopa Knitting Mills Ltd 3 Committed
Texonic Inc., member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Textiles Monterey Inc., member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
WUXLY, member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
Regitex, member of the Canadian Textile Industry Association 3 Committed
49 Solutions Inc. & Fast Track Staffing Inc. 3 Committed
Altis Recruitment 3 Committed
Kirsch Consulting Group Inc. 3 Committed
upCyc Foods Ltd. 3 Committed
Provencher Roy + Associés Architectes Inc 3 Committed
Quebec Port Authority 3 Committed
Trois-Rivières Port Authority 3 Committed
Agri-Tech Canada 3 Committed
LMNO Consulting 3 Committed
Ethical Profit Agency 3 Committed
GreenStep Solutions Inc. 3 Gold
Obibox Logistique 3 Committed
S.i. Systems 3 Committed
Astraea Energy Inc. 3 Committed
REIS Future Canada Inc. 3 Committed
Groupe Axiomatech inc. 3 Committed
QuantoTech Solutions Ltd 3 Committed
Keystone Environmental Ltd. 3 Committed
Timespreneur Ventures Inc. 3 Committed
ARLANXEO Canada Inc 3 Committed
Valstroom Inc 3 Committed
Slate Construction 3 Committed
Tiree 3 Committed
Comtech Group Inc. 3 Committed
Mobile Resource Group Inc. 3 Committed
T.I.7 Inc. (Innovation 7 Inc.) 3 Committed
Top Shelf Distillers 3 Committed
VL Energy Ltd 3 Committed
Core Geoscience Services Inc. 3 Committed
Daniel J Brant & Associates 3 Committed
Core6 Environmental Ltd. 3 Committed
CarbiCrete Inc. 3 Committed
Mavryck Inc 3 Committed
Orthoshop Geomatics Ltd 3 Committed
FNMPC (First Nations Major Projects Coalition) Advisory Centre 3 Committed
Teal Environmental Inc. 3 Committed
MCG Canada Inc. 3 Committed
ThisRock Inc. 3 Committed
Hypertechnologie CIARA Inc. 3 Committed
Morning Breeze HealthCare Inc. 3 Committed
McGill St Laurent Inc. 3 Committed
Colourific Coatings Ltd. 3 Committed
Toronto Zoo 3 Committed
RENO Buildings Canada Inc. 3 Committed
Cofomo Inc. 3 Committed
Computacenter Canada Inc. 3 Committed
RHEA Group Canada 3 Committed
Buy Social Canada 3 Committed
Concreteville 3 Committed
Payments Canada 3 Committed
Richmond Plywood Corporation Limited 3 Committed
Urbacon Buildings Group Inc. 3 Committed
Convertus Group 3 Committed
Carlsun Energy Solutions Inc 3 Committed
The Gibbard District 3 Committed
H.R. Doornekamp Construction Ltd. 3 Committed
Sinova Quartz 3 Committed
Patio Drummond 3 Committed
Varme Energy Inc. 3 Committed
SunTech Énergie Inc. 3 Committed
Make Your Mark Today Inc 3 Committed
Marketing Guardians Inc. 3 Committed
NEUF architect(e)s inc. 3 Committed
MadMacDesign Inc. 3 Committed
Pixforia Inc. 3 Committed

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