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Reminder: The CRA has resumed its work to address taxpayer debt. Benefit and credit payments and tax refunds may be applied to pay down outstanding balances. If your debt repayment causes significant financial hardship, please contact the CRA directly to discuss your options – even if you have a payment plan in place already.

Learn more about how specific benefits will be impacted at

Get your notice of assessment, how to pay a balance owing, check the status of your refund, and how to make a change to your tax return after it has been assessed.

Services and information

Notice of assessment

Understand your notice of assessment (NOA) and how to get a copy

Paying your taxes

Find options to pay now, pay a debt over time or if you cannot pay, and how to pay 2024 taxes by instalments

Tax refunds

Check the status of your refund, when to expect it, or how to transfer it to an instalment account

Interest and penalties

How much interest is charged, when interest starts being applied to unpaid amounts, late-filing and other penalties

Change your tax return

Understand what changes you can make after you file your tax return, and how to make them

Keep your tax records

Which tax documents you need to keep and for how long, should the CRA want to review them

Get a proof of income statement

How to get your proof of income statement online or request a paper copy

CRA review of your tax return

Find out why your tax return is selected for review, types of reviews, and how to submit your documents for review

Objections, appeals, disputes, and relief measures

File an objection or appeal, request penalty or interest relief, or send us service feedback

Understand your rights as a taxpayer

Know your rights, entitlements, and obligations as a Canadian taxpayer when dealing with the CRA

Collections at the CRA

If we contact you about a debt, we can help you arrange to pay over time, or offer options if you cannot pay

What to expect if we contact you

Know what information the CRA may ask when contacting you by phone, email or mail

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