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Canada's strength lies in its diversity.

The Government of Canada has taken steps to advance equity over the years. However, we know more work is necessary to create a level playing field for all Canadians. Creating equitable, diverse and inclusive workplaces will help grow our middle class. It will also help build a country where every Canadian has a real and fair chance to succeed and contribute to the economy.

In support of this commitment, the Government of Canada established a Task Force to conduct a review of the Employment Equity Act.

The aim of the Employment Equity Act is to remove systemic barriers for individuals in the 4 designated groups under the Act in federally regulated workplaces:

These systemic barriers exist in the recruitment, promotion and retention of individuals in the 4 designated groups.

The 1984 Equality in Employment: A Royal Commission report identified these groups as having:

Since 1984, the Government of Canada has learned more about these barriers and as a result have committed to reviewing the Employment Equity Act.

The Task Force undertook a comprehensive review of the Employment Equity Act and its supporting programs. As part of this work, they engaged with:

Through their engagement, the Task Force obtained views about employment equity and the promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion in federal workplaces.

The Task Force’s report to the Minister of Labour includes:

About the Task Force

The Task Force brought together a group of 12 members. They provided valuable advice and input to the Minister of Labour on a range of workplace equity, diversity and inclusion issues. Together, the members brought diversity from their:

The Chairperson led the Task Force with the support of 1 vice-chair. They worked collaboratively:

For more information about the Task Force, its role and meetings, please consult:

Engagement and consultations

The Task Force engaged with Canadians, stakeholders and partners to hear their views and about their lived experiences related to employment equity. The Task Force considered the input they received during their review of the EEA.

Information about the Task Force's consultations.

This consultation opened on February 28, 2022 and closed on April 28, 2022.

Task force final report

Professor Adelle Blackett, Chair, submitted the final report of Employment Equity Act Review Task Force to the Minister of Labour. This report will serve to inform the Government of Canada’s modernization of the Employment Equity Act framework.

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