Canada wants top talent from around the world

You have talent. We have opportunities.

Our immigration system helps top international talent get to Canada quickly.

Throughout Canada you’ll find

  •  a large network of employers and investors
  •  world-class education
  •  safety, security and stability
  •  a culture that celebrates diversity—of people and ideas
  •  services to help newcomers settle and feel welcome

I want to immigrate to Canada permanently

Express Entry

 Processing time: 6 to 12 months

Express Entry is based on a points system that means a fast path to permanent residence.

Choose this program if you have

  •  high-skill work experience
  •  strong English- or French-language skills

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Start-up visa

 Processing time: 12+ months

The Start-up Visa Program lets entrepreneurs apply for permanent residence.

Choose this program if you

  •  want to launch your start-up in Canada
  •  can pitch your idea to get the support of a Canadian business group

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I want to immigrate to Canada temporarily

Global Skills Strategy

 Processing time: 0 to 2 months

The Global Skills Strategy fast-tracks temporary work visas for employees and their families with 2-week processing.

Choose this process if you

  •  are applying from outside Canada
  •  have a valid job offer in Canada

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Digital nomads

 Processing time: 0 to 2 months

Digital nomads don’t need a work visa to work remotely from Canada. You can visit for up to 6 months at a time.

Choose this option if you

  •  work for an employer outside of Canada
  •  can do your job remotely
  •  want to experience Canada

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H-1B visa holders

Status: Closed

This program will give holders of H-1B specialty occupation visas and their families a pathway to work in Canada for 3 years. You don’t need a job offer in Canada to apply.

Choose this program if

  •  your US work visa is expiring soon
  •  you want to advance your career in North America

Choose Canada.

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