Accountability, Performance and Financial Reporting

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Departmental Plans

Every spring, departments and agencies prepare Departmental Plans, formerly Reports on Plans and Priorities, as part of the government's Expenditure Management System - a system for the planning, budgeting, allocation and reporting of public expenditures. The President of the Treasury Board tables the Departmental Plans in Parliament with the Main Estimates.

The purpose of the Departmental Plan is to build a common understanding of where our organization is going and how we will achieve key priorities. The Departmental Plan provides information on expected performance and related resource requirements over a three-year planning period.

Agency’s Departmental Plans by fiscal year:

Departmental Results Reports

Every fall, departments and agencies prepare Departmental Results Reports, formerly Departmental Performance Reports, to report on their annual performance to Parliament and Canadians. The President of the Treasury Board tables the Departmental Results Reports in Parliament at the same time as the Public Accounts.

The Departmental Results Report is the Agency's key instrument of accountability. Its main purpose is to tell Parliamentarians and Canadians whether the Agency fulfilled the performance expectations outlined in its Departmental Plan. In addition, the Departmental Results Report accounts for the resources used in fulfilling the Agency's commitments as well as explain the overall benefits realized for taxpayers.

Agency’s Departmental Results Reports by fiscal year:

Fees Reports

Financial Statements (unaudited)

Annual Financial Statements by fiscal year:

Future Oriented Financial Statements by fiscal year:

Quarterly Financial Reports by fiscal year:

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Expenditures on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences

Administration of the Access to Information Act

Administration of the Privacy Act

Audit and evaluation reports

Evaluation of the Impact Assessment and Regulatory Processes Horizontal Initiative (2022)

Evaluation of the Participant Funding Program (2016)

James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (2007)

Reporting Against Client Service Standards for the Participant Funding Program

In compliance with Treasury Board Secretariat requirements, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) has established client service standards for its Participant Funding Program (PFP). Through the PFP, IAAC supports individuals, non-profit organizations and Indigenous groups interested in participating in federal impact assessments. Participation in federal impact assessments helps to ensure that concerns from the public and Indigenous groups are taken into consideration during an impact assessment process.

The quality of PFP service to the public and Indigenous groups is measured in turn-around times (by days) for the following services:

  1. Review and decision on completed funding applications;
  2. Signing of Contribution Agreements; and,
  3. Claims payment processing.

IAAC reports annually on its client service results.

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