Pay for civilian employees

  • Where can I get information about my pay and benefits?

    You can find information about your pay and benefits on the following three websites:

    • Phoenix Pay System allows you to get information on
      • pay stubs,
      • retroactive payments,
      • tax slips,
      • direct deposit,
      • extra-duty pay (overtime),
      • timesheet entry,
      • modify work schedule,
      • leave without pay up to five days,
      • voluntary deductions, and
      • Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP).
    • CWA pay stubs and archived tax slips allow you to view and print your pay stubs, archived tax slips, and retroactive pay stubs.
    • MyGCPay - Pay Web Application provides a centralized and simplified view of your pay and benefits information, including:
      • current pay and benefits information,
      • tax slips, and
      • proof of employment.

    This application also allows you to monitor open enquiries and cases as well as review historical information.

    Note: You can only access these resources via the Defence Team Intranet using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) card or myKey. As a result, if you are on leave without pay (LWOP) or extended leave (e.g. Maternity and Parental Leave) you will be unable to access these sites. Contact the Government of Canada Pay Centre for assistance.

  • I have a pay issue. What should I do?

    Review the Report a problem with your pay page of the Public Service and Procurement Canada website. The HR GO RH App also provides a step by step guide on reporting a problem with your pay.

    You may also wish to consult DND’s Human Resource Services and Support (HRSS) system to assist you in addressing your pay questions or issues. HRSS is accessible only on the Defence Team Intranet. The Escalation Process provides information for civilian employees such as instructions on how to report a pay problem, how to request an Emergency Salary Advance (ESA), and how to escalate your pay complaint.

    Note: If you are unable to access the Intranet, contact HR Connect HR at 1-833-747-6363. Additionally, you can engage with your manager or our office for assistance.

    If you are a represented employee, you can ask your union representative for information and assistance. Additionally, you can review your collective agreement for information on submitting a redress of grievance.

    It is important that you follow the pay escalation process in order to ensure you complete all of the necessary steps to report and document your pay issue. You should also keep a record of all actions taken and individuals involved in issue resolution. If you encounter difficulties in accessing any of the steps in the escalation process, do not hesitate to contact the Ombudsman’s Office.

  • I have a technical problem accessing Phoenix. Who should I contact?

    Consult the  GCpedia Phoenix Support Guide for Employees for information on support mechanisms. This will help you determine the nature of the issue so that you can contact the appropriate support desk. You should also inform your manager who may be able to assist you.

    Note: If you do not have access to internal GCpedia content, ask your manager to provide this information to you or consult the HR GO RH App for information and resources.

  • I’m having Phoenix payroll problems. How will these issues affect my taxes?

    The Canada Revenue Agency’s Frequently Asked Questions - Tax implications of Phoenix payroll issues has information on how Phoenix payroll issues may affect your taxes.

    You can also contact Canada Revenue Agency directly at 1-888-556-5083 for help with a Phoenix related tax issue.

  • I have expenses, financial losses, and damages caused by Phoenix. What should I do?

    If you have suffered expenses, financial losses, and damages caused by Phoenix, you can submit a claim to recover funds. Review Claim expenses, financial losses and damages caused by Phoenix for more information about this recovery process.

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