CCDR: Volume 44-11, November 1, 2018: Healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance


Table of contents

Something wicked this way comes: What health care providers need to know about Candida auris
IS Schwartz, SW Smith, TC Dingle

Bringing home unwelcome souvenirs: Travel and drug-resistant bacteria
BJ Langford, K Schwartz

News from the agency
The National Advisory Committee on Infection Prevention and Control (NAC-IPC)
T Ogunremi, K Dunn, L Johnston, J Embree on behalf of the National Advisory Committee on Infection Prevention and Control (NAC-IPC)

Tuberculosis drug resistance in Canada: 2017
M LaFreniere, H Hussain, J Vachon

Surveillance of laboratory exposures to human pathogens and toxins: Canada 2017
D Pomerleau-Normandin, M Heisz, F Tanguay

CPHLN recommendations for the laboratory detection of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (O157 and non-O157)
L Chui, S Christianson, DC Alexander, V Arseneau, S Bekal, B Berenger, Y Chen, R Davidson, DJ Farrell, GJ German, L Gilbert, LMN Hoang, RP Johnson, A MacKeen, A Maki, C Nadon, E Nickerson, A Peralta, SM Radons Arneson, Y Yu, K Ziebell on behalf of Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network (CPHLN)

Can Commun Dis Rep 2018;44(10)

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