Leadership assessment and development

Our multidisciplinary team of executive consultants, psychologists and assessment specialists are here to help you:

Identify strengths and areas for development

Assess your leadership style, personality, interests, values and competencies using a leadership assessment tool and personality testing.

Leadership assessment tool

Psychometric assessment

Identify your management style, assess your emotional intelligence, learn how to maximize your strengths and how to handle leadership derailers such as disengagement, over-confidence, or perfectionism and micro-managing behaviour, through professionally administered psychometric assessments.

Develop your key leadership competencies

Develop the 6 key leadership competencies for federal public service executives and senior leaders. Through personalized coaching, we’ll help you to identify tools and opportunities to improve your management and leadership skills.

Explore career options

Create a strategy that leverages your leadership strengths. We’ll help you with:

  • career planning, by identifying your needs and interests and creating a career development plan
  • advice and guidance to support you in your search for opportunities aligned with your career plan
  • networking support, by providing strategies to develop your networking skills, search for job opportunities and build relationships

Prepare for executive selection processes

Showcase your competencies at all stages of the executive selection process. Our executive consultants will coach you, drawing on their practical knowledge of the public service executive environment, from your application to the exam, board presentation and interview.

To help you prepare for executive selection processes, we offer:

  • general strategies for executive job applications
  • general interview strategies
  • support to overcome interview performance anxiety
  • information on executive selection board expectations
  • interview simulations in front of a panel of executive consultants and counselors, allowing you to:
    • practise your answers
    • receive constructive feedback on areas to improve
    • review a recording of the interview
  • support for non-traditional types of interviews, including presentations or character-based interviews
  • group workshops on how to prepare for executive board interviews

Recommended budget

Executive Counselling Services are cost-recovery services paid for by your employer.

While most of our individual services are based on a $385 hourly rate, a typical budget for our services ranges from $3,500 to $5,500. Please note that the total cost will vary depending on the services required:

  • psychometric assessments
  • leadership development
  • preparing for an interview
  • leadership challenges
  • diversity and inclusion

Visit the Request our services page for information on funding arrangements, costs and payment methods, our policies, and to submit a request.

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