Psychological Assessment Services

Our psychologists can help your department to assess candidates for psychological suitability for specific positions. These services include psychological suitability assessments for condition of employment for high-risk positions as well as psychological assessments for fit combined with the KLCs.

Our services are provided by licensed psychologists who have developed an expertise in psychological suitability assessment for various federal organizations.

These services are available to HR specialists and managers.

Psychological assessment for high-risk positions

We’ll help you hire candidates who can perform well in sensitive and high-risk jobs, including enforcement roles, or jobs that involve amongst others:

  • exposure to difficult material
  • working in remote locations or in isolation
  • handling secret or sensitive information

Our psychologists can assess various psychological attributes such as candidates’ reliability, impulse control, and judgement to evaluate their ability to perform under pressure.

Psychological assessment for fit

We can help you explore ways to assess personal attributes that are related to effective leadership or required for specific positions, including high-profile and high-responsibility roles. Our psychologists can assess traits like decisiveness, social confidence, and self-management, etc.

The psychological assessment services offer cost-recovery services that can be tailored to your needs.

For questions on psychological assessment or to request psychological suitability assessment services, simply send your request by email to We’ll follow up to coordinate service details and to set up funding arrangements.

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