New services for charities on My Business Account

New digital services for charities offered through My Business Account (MyBA) make it faster and easier to handle your charity's tax matters. You, your employee, or your representative can apply for registration as a charity, file a return, receive CRA correspondence, and view and update your account information.

It’s all at your fingertips!

Apply for registered status

Apply for registered status

You can apply to be a registered charity or a registered Canadian amateur athletic association through MyBA.

The online form is designed to save time because it’s user friendly, helps manage supporting documents, and reduces processing times.

File your return

You or an authorized representative can file your charity’s return using MyBA.

Returns can be filed over multiple sittings and can be reviewed by multiple directors.

Once submitted, your return is instantly processed and the public portion of your financial information is available on the list of charities the next day.

File your return

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