The fax machine

We heard you! In a digital world where smartphones and email are quickly becoming the norm, the idea of faxing your documents to the CRA seems outdated. However, the CRA still receives approximately 11 million faxes per year. 

The CRA does not require businesses to fax information. However, the use of the fax machine gives Canadians another, and for some a more convenient option, when providing documents to the CRA. That is why we continue to accept faxes from taxpayers across Canada.

Many businesses or their representatives are not signed up for the My Account, MyBA or Represent a Client portals, which prevents them from being able to use the Submit documents online service.

That service lets businesses or their representatives scan and send their documents in a secure environment. The service makes sending documents to the CRA easier and more efficient, plus you will get a confirmation number and a reference number to use in future communications with the CRA.

In addition to not being registered for an online account, some businesses have limited or no access to high speed internet, which is required to use the portals. In these cases, the fax machine is the next best alternative to avoid the effort and cost of mailing documents or sending them by courier.

If you are not signed up for one of our online portals, there are software products available online that allow you to send your documents (in PDF format) to a fax machine using your computer.

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