File your return by the deadline: Last-minute tax-filing tips to help you

April 27, 2022

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Revenue Agency

Are you a last-minute filer? If you are, you are not alone. Check out the information below to streamline your tax-filing experience. 

The 2021 tax-filing deadline for most individuals is April 30, 2022

Since April 30, 2022 falls on a Saturday, your tax return will be considered filed on time if:

You have until June 15, 2022, to file your tax return if you or your spouse or common law-partner are self-employed. Please visit our Are you self-employed? The Canada Revenue Agency can help you understand your tax obligations tax tip for helpful information.

If you owe taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), your payment will also be considered paid on time if we receive it, or it is processed at a Canadian financial institution, on or before May 2, 2022.

We offer several options so that you can pay immediately or set up a payment arrangement to pay your tax debt over time. 

If you received COVID-19 benefit payments in 2020, filed your 2020 tax return and qualified for interest relief, you have until April 30, 2022, to pay any outstanding income tax debt for the 2020 tax year and avoid future interest charges. This interest relief only applies to your 2020 taxes owing and not to previous tax debt or other debts with the CRA.

COVID-19 benefits

If you received benefits issued by the CRA in 2021, such as the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) and Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB), you should have received a T4A information slip. Residents of Quebec should have received a T4A slip and an RL-1 slip. For more information regarding COVID-19 benefits and T4A information slips, please visit our Received a T4A slip from us? Here’s what you need to know tax tip.

T4A information slips from the Government of Canada for COVID-19-related benefits will also be provided online if you’re registered for My Account and have full access. 

Information from your T4A information slips, including COVID-19-related benefits, is available when you use the Auto-fill my return service in certified tax filing software. This service automatically fills in parts of an income tax and benefit return with information that the CRA has on file at the time of the request. To use the service, you must be registered for My Account and have full access.

Avoid interruptions to your benefit and credit payments

Filing your tax return before the deadline is essential to make sure to avoid interruptions to any credit and benefit payments you are eligible for. It also makes sure that you get your refund on time, if applicable.

Get your refund faster and avoid any delays by signing up for direct deposit and filing your return online. Our Get ready to do your taxes web page has information about online filing, deadlines, and other helpful links.

To save time, you should gather all your tax slips and supporting documents before you file. You can quickly view some of your slips online in My Account. When you register for My Account, you can also update your personal information. This includes your address, marital status, direct deposit information, and more! Save time and use My Account to update this information instead of calling us.

Important information regarding legislation

The draft legislation that includes the enhancement to the Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit and the Return of Fuel Charge Proceeds to Farmers Tax Credit has not received Royal Assent. Once the legislation has received Parliamentary approval, the CRA will process the tax returns with these refundable credits.

Filing options

There are different ways you can file your income tax and benefit return. You can file:

If you choose to file electronically on your own, there are a variety of NETFILE-certified software products to meet your needs. Some of the software products are free. 

To use information from your tax return to authenticate when you call the CRA, you’ll need an eight-character alphanumeric NETFILE access code (NAC) before filing. This unique code can be found to the right, beneath the notice details area on the first page of your previous notice of assessment (NOA). If you are registered for My Account, you can also use Auto-fill my return in certified tax software to retrieve your NAC.

Get your notice of assessment

If you’re registered for My Account, you can obtain your  in certified tax software. It will be available right after we receive and process your return. This year, your Express NOA is also available in My Account in the same timeframe. The PDF of your NOA will appear in My Account on the assessment date noted on your Express NOA. 

Get free tax help

If you have a modest income and a simple tax situation, volunteers at a free tax clinic may be able to file your return for you. Free tax clinics are available in person and virtually. To find out if you’re eligible and to find a tax clinic, go to our Free tax clinics page.

Track your return and refund status

Use My Account to quickly check your return and refund status online. You can also use it to see and manage other tax and benefit information. This includes your NOA, Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) limits, and benefit payment dates.

For more information

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