Seniors: Simplify tax-filing so you can get back to doing what you enjoy!

January 23, 2024

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Revenue Agency

When you think about your favourite ways to spend your time, filing an income tax and benefit return probably isn’t at the top of your list. We get it! That’s why we’re working to make tax-filing as easy as possible, so you can get back to things you would rather do.

Don’t forget, if you’re retired or 65 years of age or older, then your sources of income may change, and you have to include these new sources of income on your tax return.

Filing an income tax and benefit return annually is important to ensure you receive any refund, benefit, or credit payments you may be entitled to. Here’s information to get started:

First things first! How to avoid scams and fraud

Keeping our money and information safe is important to all of us. It can feel impossible to know every type of scam out there, so understanding how and when the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) contacts Canadians will help you distinguish between real and fraudulent communications. The Scam prevention and the CRA webpage provides more information to help you recognize the signs of a scam and learn about the ways that we may contact you.

Online filing and digital services are the way to go!

If you have been filing your taxes on paper, make this the year you file online. We have a list of NETFILE-certified tax software products that are easy to use, fast, and secure, some of which are free! This software will walk you through the tax-filing process, including sending your tax return directly to the CRA. What’s great is that you’ll get immediate confirmation that we received your tax return.

With NETFILE, you may be able to use these secure services:

If you combine online filing with direct deposit, you could get any refund you’re owed in as little as eight business days. Paper returns aren’t as fast, and it could take up to eight weeks to process them.

If you ever get stuck or have a question, you can introduce yourself to Charlie, our friendly chatbot. You can find Charlie on the CRA home page and many of our other web pages on Just ask your question and Charlie will try to help you find the information you need.

Take control of your tax affairs with My Account

Have you heard about My Account? If you don’t have My Account, you should get it. It’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your tax and benefit information.

With My Account, you can also:

Go to About My Account and Digital services for individuals for more information.

Important dates for your calendar

Know what income to report

You might be receiving income from many different sources. Here’s a list of some of the most common types of income you may start receiving when you retire or turn 65. If you need more information on what to report, check out our All types of income page.

Don’t miss out on money!

We’re not just here to collect taxes – we’re here to make sure you get any refund, benefit, or credit payments you may be entitled to! When you file your income tax and benefit return, we determine your eligibility to receive these payments. Find out what you may be eligible for and how to apply on our Tax credits and benefits for individuals page.

You may also be eligible to receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). It’s a monthly payment available to Old Age Security pensioners who have low income and are living in Canada. If you already receive the GIS, by filing your income tax and benefit return on time, you avoid interruptions to your payments and you won’t have to reapply.

You could also claim deductions, credits, and expenses, that you are eligible for, on your income tax and benefit return to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay. For example, you may be eligible to claim the Canada caregiver credit if you support your spouse or common-law partner with a physical or mental impairment. There’s also the Disability tax credit (DTC). This credit helps reduce the income tax that people with physical or mental impairments, or their supporting family members, may have to pay. You may be eligible for the DTC if a medical practitioner certifies that you have a severe and prolonged impairment. If you think you may be eligible for the DTC, you should apply.

And don’t forget about pension income splitting. You and your spouse or common-law partner may be able to jointly elect to split your eligible pension income if you meet all of the requirements.

Free tax help is available!

If you need help with your taxes, we’re here for you. If you have a modest income and a simple tax situation, volunteers at a free tax clinic may be able to do your taxes for you. You can visit a free tax clinic in your area, or you can make a virtual appointment, whatever suits you best. To find out if you’re eligible, and to find a tax clinic, go to our Free tax clinics page.

More information

For more information, visit these pages (the CRA will update these pages in late January 2024):

If you’re interested, check out Seniors in Canada. It’s a Government of Canada Facebook page dedicated to helping seniors. It focuses on giving you the information you need to take care of administrative tasks, such as filing your taxes.


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