T5008 slip

Use this slip to report one transaction (or more than one transaction involving identical securities for the same client) you made for a person. There are three slips printed on each T5008 sheet.

The reporting requirement for securities transactions does not apply to transactions for which an information return is required under section 202 (payments to non-residents) or section 204 (estates and trusts) of the Income Tax Regulations. For information about payments to non-residents, see Payments to non-residents of Canada.

You can get a PDF or PDF fillable/saveable version of the Form T5008, Statement of Securities Transactions slip.

Since the 2021 taxation year, financial institutions, traders or dealers in securities can send recipients who reside in Quebec a consolidated T5008/RL-18 slip for all transactions. For more information, visit the Revenu Québec website RL-18 Slip.

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T5008 slip

Customized T5008 slips

For those who fill out a large number of slips, we accept certain slips other than our own. To ensure accuracy, follow the guidelines for the production of customized forms or see Information Circular IC97-2R19, Customized Forms.

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Who has to file a T5008 slip

The following persons have to file a T5008 slip and information return:


If cash or some other consideration totalling $200 or less is received instead of a fractional interest in shares during an exchange to which section 51 or 87 applies, you do not need to report the transaction. If the cash or other consideration is more than $200, you have to report the entire exchange transaction. For more information, see Archived Interpretation Bulletin IT115R, Fractional Interest in Shares.

Units in a trust that trade at a constant fixed price measured in Canadian dollars, such as money market funds, are excluded from this T5008 filing requirement. The income earned from money market funds should be reported on T3 or T5 slips as appropriate. This position does not apply to units in a U.S. dollar denominated money market fund, regardless of whether the units are held in a Canadian dollar account or a U.S. dollar account.

Tax tip: Electronic filing of information returns

All information returns should be filed electronically to avoid the delays that may occur in processing paper submissions. Filing of paper returns may result in penalties.

The CRA offers two methods for electronically filing your information returns:

  • Web Forms — With each submission, you can include up to 100 slips
  • Internet file transfer — You can submit files of up to 150 MB over the internet

Some of the benefits of electronically filing your returns are:

  • your return will be processed without delay
  • you will receive a confirmation number when you file
  • slips are available sooner for Auto-fill my return

When do you not have to file a T5008 slip

You do not need to file a T5008 slip and information return for:

Completing the T5008 slip

Before completing the T5008 slips, see the information under Filing methods. We can process your T5008 information return more efficiently if you follow these instructions.

Tips for completing T5008 slips

Detailed instructions

Joint ownership

Complete only one T5008 slip to report a transaction even if more than one person owns the securities. Include the names of the joint owners on lines 1 and 2 of the recipient area of the T5008 slip.

Aggregate reporting

You can report more than one transaction involving identical securities for the same client by totaling the amounts and showing them as one transaction. Examples of identical securities are: units of the same mutual fund, all commodity futures, or the same class of stock of the same corporation.

To get detailed instructions, choose one of the box numbers on the following list:

Distributing the T5008 slip

You can send recipients an electronic copy of their T5008 slips, on or before the last day of February following the calendar year to which the information return applies, but they must have consented in writing or by email to receive the slips electronically.


If you file your information return over the Internet or on electronic media, do not send us the paper copy of the forms that make up the return.

If you are filing on paper, send us each T5008 slip (three slips printed per sheet), along with the T5008 Summary, on or before the last day of February following the calendar year to which the information return applies.

Send these forms to:

T5008 Program
Jonquière Tax Centre
Post Office Box 1300 LCD Jonquière
Jonquière QC  G7S 0L5

Send two copies of the T5008 slip to the recipient on or before the last day of February following the calendar year to which the information return applies.  

You do not have to keep a copy of the T5008 slips. However, you have to keep the information from which you prepared the slips in an accessible and readable format.


When a business or activity ends, you have to send the appropriate copies of the T5008 slips to the recipients and us no later than 30 days after the date the business or activity ended.

Amending, cancelling, adding, or replacing T5008 slips

Depending on the situation, you might have to amend, cancel, add, or replace T5008 slips.

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