Youth health

Your health is important. Get the facts on smoking, drugs, sex, mental health and more.

Services and information

Mental health and wellness

Available services, taking care of and improving mental health, dealing with stress, suicide prevention, cannabis and program funding.

Sexual health

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), treatment and safer sex with condoms.

Substance use

Tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and other drugs, stigma, how to get help, and the Canadian drugs and substances strategy.


The signs of bullying, prevention and how to get help.

Healthy eating for teens

Benefits of healthy eating and how to develop healthy habits.

Tips to get active

Benefits of physical activity and how to develop healthy habits.


Opioids, their side effects, risks and how you can prevent abuse or get help.

Violence and abuse

Learn about violence and abuse, its prevention and how to get help if you're being abused.

Sun safety

Extreme heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, skin cancer, heat stroke and sunburn first aid, and how to stay safe.

Cosmetics and safety

How to safely use beauty and personal hygiene products.

Active transportation

Using your body to travel, active community design, and building active habits.

Tanning beds and equipment

Health risks and how to reduce them, radiation, myths and guidelines for use.

Sports gear safety tips

Equipment standards and safety advice for hockey, ice skates, sleds, toboggans and cycling helmets.

Workplace health and safety

Your rights, mental health at work, unsafe work, payment and resources for youth and families.

Travel health

Advice for before you travel, keeping safe and healthy while abroad, advice for different types of travellers.


Resources for youth, families, caregivers and educators.

What we are doing


Cannabis health effects

Cannabis can affect your mental health. Get the facts on cannabis and your health.

National Child Day

Learn about National Child Day and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

The new Canada’s food guide

Eat a variety of healthy foods each day

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