Bases and Units

The Army Command is divided into four geographical regions:

The senior leaders of each of these divisions report to the Canadian Army Commander who is based at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.

Canadian Army Bases are often at the centre of Army life across Canada. There are a total of 10 Army bases, with locations in Quebec, western, central and Atlantic Canada. These bases provide essential support services.

Bases are home to many units and formations within the Canadian Armed Forces. For example, bases house brigade groups, regiments and military police. Bases can also serve as training facilities and provide support services for on-base military personnel. These services vary but may include athletic activities, medical care, financial support, food and housing.

2nd Canadian Division - Quebec

3rd Canadian Division - Western Canada

4th Canadian Division - Ontario

5th Canadian Division - Atlantic Canada

The Canadian Rangers are part of the Army Reserve. Over 170 Ranger patrols are organized into five patrol groups:

The Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC) is headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, and controls all individual and collective training activities for the Army. It has several components located in various locations:

Kingston, Ontario

Gagetown, New Brunswick

Wainwright, Alberta

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