Military Personnel Generation Group 

The Military Personnel Generation Group (MPGG) has a mandate that spans the personnel generation activities of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), from the recruitment of military members, through to their basic training and continuing professional development.

MPGG has the mission of leading the CAF personnel generation system to uphold distinction in the Profession of Arms. It generates, organizes, and develops CAF members while ensuring that leadership, character, and expertise are the main points of effort.

MPGG's focus is people. Through innovative and adaptive technologies, policies and programs, it prepares the leaders of today and tomorrow to deliver institutional and operational excellence.

The MPGG Formation is headquartered in Ottawa and oversees several groups. The Canadian Forces Recruiting Group (CFRG) processes, selects and enrols talented, motivated and qualified applicants into a career in the CAF, while the Military Personnel Generation Training Group (MPGTG) oversees eight training establishments that deliver relevant and operational common and specialty training. Both groups are headquartered at Canadian Forces Base Borden, in Ontario.

Additionally, MPGG is the CAF authority for modernized individual training and education. Training and learning opportunities are augmented by cutting-edge technologies and initiatives delivered by MPGG’s Enhanced Performance Innovation Centre (EPIC). Overall, MPGG ensures CAF training needs are met so that the men and women serving in uniform and responsible for conducting operations at home and abroad are fully prepared for their tasks.

From the moment members enroll in the CAF until the day they depart, MPGG works to broaden their knowledge, acquire the skills required to become leaders, and provide first-class training and educational programs.

MPGG accomplishes this through programs, activities and tools, including:

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