Module 5: Mortgages

This module looks at how to make a home-buying decision that you can plan for and understand. It will show you how to get the best deal you can by being prepared and knowledgeable. In this module, you will learn:

  • why you should carefully think through the choice between renting and owning
  • the basic types and terms of a mortgage agreement
  • the costs of taking on a mortgage and of buying a home
  • how to negotiate for the best mortgage deal and avoid problems.

Throughout the module, you will find learning tools that you can use now and in the future:

  • calculators to help you compare the costs of different mortgages and mortgage terms
  • videos that give you tips on getting the best mortgage deal
  • worksheets and checklists to help you analyze your situation and make the best mortgage choices
  • an action plan of steps to help you manage your mortgage finances.

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