Module 10: Retirement and pensions

After a full and productive working life, you look forward to a healthy, active and secure retirement. Whether you retire early or work well into your senior years, you want to know that you will be financially secure in your later life.

Will you have enough money for your retirement? Studies show that many Canadians are not starting to save early enough, and that they are not saving enough money, to see them through with financial security.

This module is about pensions and retirement. It will help you plan for your retirement. In it you will learn:

  • how the federal and Quebec pension systems work
  • how to estimate your financial needs for retirement
  • the variety of income sources you can use to support your retirement
  • the benefits of starting to save and plan early in life

By the time you finish this module, you will know how prepared you are for your retirement and what steps to take to ensure an adequate retirement income.

Throughout the module, you will find learning tools that you can use now and in the future:

  • calculators to estimate your retirement budget and income
  • videos to give you tips on retirement saving and planning
  • a retirement planner to map a plan for your family
  • an action plan of steps to track your progress as you plan your finances for retirement in the future

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