Module 8: Income taxes and contributions

This module focuses on the income tax system of Canada. It outlines how the income tax system works, and how to be sure that you pay only the taxes that you need to pay. It's not a detailed guide to filling out your tax return, but it will help you understand how your tax return is set up. In this module, you will learn:
  • some basic facts about taxes
  • what counts as taxable income, and how different types of income are taxed differently
  • standard deductions and tax credits that reduce the taxes you pay
  • how plans like Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) and Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) can help you save money and reduce your taxes
  • how to file your taxes and avoid problems with your tax returns.

Throughout the module, you will find learning tools that you can use now and in the future:

  • quizzes that illustrate significant facts about taxes
  • worksheets and checklists to help you reduce your taxes and avoid mistakes
  • calculators to help you estimate the benefits of registered tax plans
  • a video that gives you tips on managing your taxes efficiently
  • an action plan of steps to help you minimize your taxes.

Important note

The information in this module is for general understanding only. For up-to-date details and to see how to apply the information in your own situation,go to Canada Revenue Agency . If you also pay income taxes in Quebec, go to Revenu Québec.

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