Applying for a passport

Submitting an adult passport application

Who can submit a passport application in person on my behalf?

When applying in person, it’s best that you submit your application yourself. However, if this is not possible, a third party can submit the application if they:

  • show identification
  • are 16 years of age or older
  • are your
    • parent
    • child
    • parent's spouse or common-law partner
    • child's spouse or common-law partner
    • brother or sister
    • half-brother or half-sister
    • stepbrother or stepsister
    • spouse or common-law partner
    • relatives of your spouse or common-law partner, including their:
      • parent
      • child
      • parent's spouse or common-law partner
      • child's spouse or common-law partner
      • brother or sister
      • half-brother or half-sister
      • stepbrother or stepsister

In all cases, the passport official must be able to verify the information on the application with the third party. If the third party cannot validate your information, we can refuse your application.
The people in the list above may or may not live at the same address as you. In all cases, the person must show identification. If the identification does not prove that the person lives with you, they must also bring a written statement signed by you, authorizing them to submit your passport application.

Any relative living at your address can also submit an application on your behalf if they:

  • are 16 years of age or older
  • show identification that confirms where they live
    • if their identification doesn’t have an address, they will need to show other documentation to prove they live at the same address as you

We do not accept urgent or express applications submitted by a third party.

Submitting a child’s passport application

What should I do if I don’t know where the other parent is?

Please contact us.

What should I do if the other parent is deceased?

If the other parent is deceased, you should include the following with the application:

  • death certificate
  • child's long-form birth certificate with the names of both parents

Documents to support identity

The name on my proof of citizenship is different from the name on my identification. Which name can I use on my passport?

The name printed in the passport will be the name on your proof of citizenship except if you

  • want to drop or invert a given name from the name displayed on your proof of citizenship
    • In this case, the name you want in your passport must match the name on your supporting ID
  • adopted or resumed a last name due to a marriage, divorce, common-law relationship or end of a common-law relationship
    • If so, you must
      • provide supporting ID showing your new surname
      • submit your marriage/divorce/common-law certificate with your application
  • changed your name following an adoption, a court decision or a legal name change and have not obtained a new proof of citizenship with your or your child’s new legal name
    • In this case, you will need to submit
      • your or your child’s proof of citizenship in the old name
      • supporting ID showing your new given name(s) and last name, if applying as an adult
      • the original or a copy of your or your child’s legal name change certificate, adoption order or court order displaying the old name and the new name
Learn more about reclaiming an Indigenous name on your passport or other travel document.

Proof of Canadian citizenship

What if my citizenship card only shows the year of issue?If your citizenship card only shows the year of issue, enter only the year in the date of issue field of the application form.
Can I get a Canadian passport if I also hold the citizenship of another country?Yes, if you’re a Canadian citizen and meet our passport application requirements, you can get a Canadian passport.

Application forms with bar codes

What are the benefits of having a bar code on the application form?

The bar code is a digital version of the personal information you enter in section one of the passport application. It allows us to:

  • speed up data entry
  • reduce the number of errors
What information is in the bar code?

The information in the bar code includes your:

  • surname (last name)
  • given name(s)
  • surname (last name) at birth
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • address of permanent residence
  • mailing address
Why does the bar code change into a big grey box?

The bar code changes into a big grey box when you enter more data than the bar code can hold.

If this happens, continue to fill out the form, print and submit the application. We will enter the information manually.

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