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Get a bridging open work permit while you wait on a decision

If we accept your proof of work experience, we’ll send you an approval in principle letter. You can use this letter to apply for a bridging open work permit (BOWP), if you’re already working in Canada. A BOWP will let you keep working in Canada while you wait for the final decision on your permanent residence application.

If you’re approved for permanent residence

If you’re already in Canada

Once we approve your permanent residence (PR) application, we’ll confirm your PR status. In most cases, we can confirm PR status

It’s important to let us know if your contact details have changed.

You must tell us if you leave Canada before we grant you PR status.

You don’t have to do anything else until we contact you using the phone number or email you gave us.

Confirm your PR status online through the permanent residence portal

You’ll get emails from a mailbox ending in cic.gc.ca

  1. asking you to confirm you’re physically in Canada and
  2. with information about the Permanent Residence Portal (and options if you can’t use it)

Find out more about the Permanent Residence Portal.

Immigration interview

After you confirm your PR status, we may ask to speak with you on the phone or to see you in person.

If we ask to see you in person, you’ll complete a short interview with an immigration officer at one of our immigration offices in Canada. Find out how to make an appointment at one of our offices in Canada.

During the interview, the officer will:

If you change your address or contact information within 180 days of completing your interview, you must tell us.

If you’re outside Canada

If we approve your application for permanent residence, we’ll ask you to send your passport to a processing office to issue you your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). We’ll also add a visa counterfoil (sticker) to your passport if you need one to enter Canada.

Your COPR will have your photo and personal information. Check to make sure it has exactly the same information as what’s shown on your passport. If there’s a mistake on your COPR, contact us.

When you arrive in Canada, you’ll be greeted by a border services officer (BSO).

When you arrive, you must have:

The BSO will:

You won’t be allowed into Canada:

If you meet the requirements, the BSO will allow you to enter Canada as a permanent resident. They will also confirm your Canadian mailing address and have your permanent resident card mailed to you there.

If you change your address or contact information within 180 days of arriving in Canada, you must tell us.

If your permanent residence application is refused

If your application is refused, we’ll send you a letter that tells you why.

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