Leave for Reservists

Reservist Leave – Leave of absence from civilian employment or time off from educational program for military service.

Reservists are integral members of the Canadian Armed Forces. They serve typically on a part-time basis.

As a result, many Reservists also have full-time civilian employment or attend school while serving. In Canada, federal, provincial and territorial Job Protection Legislation support Reservists in this dual role.

Occasionally, Reservists need to take leave of absence from their civilian employment or educational programs. They need to take such leave to deploy on military operations or to take part in military skills training. Job Protection Legislation defines this as Military Leave.

Under Job Protection Legislation, Military Leave differs depending on the jurisdiction in which a Reservist may work or study. As a result, you may find it to be difficult to know what your respective responsibilities are in any given circumstance.

This page directs you to the resources and assistance you need, whether you are an employer, an educational institution administrator, or a Reservist.

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