Prevent violence and abuse

Information on preventing violence and abuse, including knowing how to build healthy relationships, practising positive parenting and responding to stress.

Services and information

Everyone can help prevent and respond to family violence

Take action to prevent and stop family violence.

Prevent and respond to family violence

Explore ways to prevent family violence before it starts and how to stop it after it happens.

Preventing abuse against women and girls

Learn to recognize signs of abuse to help prevent violence against women and girls.

End violence against women and girls

Discover information about abuse and preventing violence against women and girls in Canada.

Tips for parents

Learn tips for teaching youth about healthy relationships between adults, family, friends and teachers.

5 things men can do to help raise boys who respect women

Learn how to raise boys who respect women.

Promoting safe intimate partner relationships

Discover information on healthy intimate partner relationships.

Promoting stable and positive parenting

Find links on parenting for caregivers of children.

Promoting positive mental health

Understand the benefits of promoting mental health and how to do it in your daily life.

Responding to stressful events

Know how to help yourself and others cope with stressful events, including natural disasters, health emergencies and acts of war.

About mental health

Learn about your mental health, how to take care of it and the potential benefits.

Family violence prevention programs

Find family violence prevention programs to help improve unhealthy relationships, parenting and communication skills.

The criminal law and managing children's behaviour

Understand the appropriate response to misbehaving children for parents, caregivers and teachers. Also find out what actions may lead to criminal charges.

Education and awareness tools on violence and abuse

Find information on publications, videos, podcasts, toolkits and websites on the topic of violence and abuse.

Funding for violence and abuse prevention programs

Information on funding programs for violence prevention, response and public awareness.

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